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July 12, 2003

Igby Goes Down

As I pointed out to Eugene, I'm always more eloquent about things that I dislike. So let's just say Igby Goes Down is absolutely sublime. Even the musical director's occasional apalling taste in timing and music didn't detract so much from the fact that it's so incredibly affecting - so moving while being so absolutely hilarious.

It's a tribute to the director that the players in the film were so amazing despite being such mediocre actors elsewhere. Amanda Peet and Jeff Goldblum (who I normally despise like I despise Ulrika) were actually fantastic, as was the normally so wooden Ryan Phillipe. Bill Pullman of course was immaculate and Susan Sarandon flawless - but I was just taken aback by how much Kieran Culkin resembled a young Robert Downey Jr. - with all that ambiguity of will and succeptablity to tempation, not to mention the pervasive sadness and shiftiness in his eyes. Claire Danes played up the snotty pseudo intellectual college girl with aplomb, and regardless looks rather nice in her knickers and not much else.

They have Red Lights lighting the way from the main escalator well to the various cinemas, presumably to allow people to adjust to the relative darkness of the cinema. The corridoor I passed on the way to the film smelt of BMTC; which made me a bit unsteady for a while, so I had to hold on the the handle of the door.

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