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July 11, 2003

When Things Happen

I suppose it's been quite an eventful day, and not totally annoying for being graduation. The ceremony itself was pathetic till the guy from Aardman Animations came to give his speech, which I thought was quite okay, he seemed really quite affected by what was being proffered to him - which is a nice thing to witness.

Still not enough happened for me to take off my shades on approaching the Vice Chancellor. It was my little tribute to Less Than Zero, and the spirit I suppose of Rules of Attraction - I think reading The Sword of Honour Trilogy is getting to me, in a good way.

Only spoke to Ini (don't even know if that's how his name is spelt), which makes me wish I could contact him and be nice for having been so sullen when I saw him. Wish Johnny had been there, he would probably have been the other person I'd bother to talk to. The rest can pretty much carry on sucking eggs.

The day could only get better from there, had lunch with the parentals at Cafe Uno, bought a suit which I'm quite taken with.

Had a nice cathartic encounter with the porter etc. which I'm feeling vaguely guilty for now. It's a pity that something so good, that you dream about doing so much for so long, should have to lead to this kind of nagging niggling remorse. Probably feeling so guilty cuz I'm feeling happier, less in a funk over the whole graduation fuckshit, after spending the evening with Eugene, Delwyn and Dion.

We actually went to Symrin, which turns out to be just a dinky little takeaway instead of the restaurant I'd envisioned. The woman/owner was as affable as she always is over the phone, and it was a real pleasure to see her finally.

She and her shop seemed like such a fixture in the community there, with people constantly coming and going out of the shop, that she had hardly a free minute to banter with us. I could say something asinine about immigrant integration, but that just seems rather trite and out of place.

But she really knew all her regulars by name and they all treated her like pretty much a community leader, a figurehead of a family. She'd send regards to peoples' families, and would great people with a chirpy "hello trouble". She reminded me of Arun, and the lay philosophies that he was so assured of - especially around the subject of money.

After dinner was time for all out gossipmongering session, bringing up Cain from the past year, such as there was, and rehashing the old favorites that Eugene had not quite heard of. Eugene of course had plenty that we found new. But I suppose, like amsterdam, what's spoken of in Eugene's kitchen stays in Eugene's kitchen. Unless you ask. Doesn't even have to be nicely.

But plenty of shoveling going on about practically every non-ninja Singaporean/peripheral for the past couple of years. And I mean all. Fun fun fun.Eugene is one crazy open mouthed fucker - ie fantastic. I was rolling on the floor laughing for most of the time - literally. From the insight he gave in to Emen though, makes me think better and better of our mutual friend (not that I had though badly in any way to begin with). Makes me wish I had spent more time with Emen - clever Emen.

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