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September 15, 2003

Subtitles (Finally)

I've finally tracked down a copy of The Rules of Attraction - unfortunately not my copy where the quote was conveniently underlined I'm sure. So I've read a hundred pages of the book to further complete what I set out on my Main Page: a little extract you can find here.

It was so memorable to me, and I use it so much nowadays as my online persona, mainly because when I was reading the novel for the second time, I remember pissing myself with laughter at two particular points: this one, and the earlier one with the lovely phrase "yeah, cream in it".

The thing is, re-reading it now, it really just seems so tinged with longing, that kind of desperate sadness that I suppose I never quite appreciated about the book - though significant portions of it still make me cackle.

Still, I think I have a healthy enough sense of my own revisionism that it should go up as it had been intended - in a particular spirit that has simply been made more complex by my changed response.

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August 07, 2003

Notes to Myself

In case I forget, pet peeves should include something about antivirus products/firewalls and why I really dislike them, along with spyware detectors. Also diatribes against support personnel and shitty support. And how the devil should take both Flash animation, animated gifs, and embedded audio. Oh and blocking of pop-ups - which Opera does so admirably. Maybe a day by day newbie's guide to Opera or something, or outstanding complaints about the browser.

Product Activation and corrupt CD's (copy protection).

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August 06, 2003

Room 101

Since I've been so "grumpy", I've decided to put up a "What would Louis put into Room 101" page in the not too distant future. Highlights will include:

DVD intros/menus

AMD stock heatsinks

Jeff Goldblum

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Opera Fanboy

I've posted what are the beginnings of my Opera Fanboy site here. Suggestions are more than welcome.

I've also posted about this on the MyOpera forums.

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July 24, 2003


My Resume Site has gone live. Let's hope Google hires me.

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July 17, 2003

Front Page Changes

I've updated the front page with The Flitcraft Parable, as well as a small rethink of how to lay out the page. Made some small corrections to other pages.

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July 15, 2003

SMTP, Site Plans, 'In A Lonely Place'

Hmm... checking out using my fallingbeam account for SMTP so again I don't have to be dependant on an ISP for sending mail. Finding out that actually the features of the hosting plan mail is quite cool, they actually allow both pop and imap, so if and when I ever migrate new addresses, they'll probably be fallingbeam addresses.

I know my site's been a bit neglected of late, except perhaps for the blog, but as I'm now in Chicago and ordering a sinful amount of computer hardware (RAM and 2 SATA drives for my RAID setup) I should be paying more attention to it. And also I no longer have the excuse of the books not being around for the front page quotes on my site. And all the assessment rubbish should be going too. Really need the RAID setup, since the IBM drive seems less than capable of dealing with the demands of video editing.

Found out that it's probably better to record Once and Again on analog cable rather than digital, less jerkiness. Oh and I'm taping Red Cap since it's not on DVD. I really wonder when I'll get around to watching all the crap I bought.

Oh and I've been using K++, not noticing too much difference from Kazaalite, been busy downloading the absolutely hot Liz Phair (thanks Tag and Rename) and getting the unaired episodes of Firefly. November seems a long way away to wait for the DVD.

Editing video is a bit tedious, but I suppose the policy is that I don't record to keep stuff unless it's not available to buy (yet at least) hence the taping of Once and Again season 2.

Gave Su-lin a little tutorial on using Kazaa. Su-lin seems to get it better than Peishan, though both had to be handholded - Su-lin just seems more intuitive about it. I get the feeling Su-lin takes issue with me railing against York, but then, as 'In a Lonely Place' suggests, there is every reason for being not 'normal'.

I'm still quite swayed by the idea that the film uncovers the futility of reading signs as if they were traffic-stop-signs, that the element of faith and belief - the appreciation of the unseen/unproven - is the post-lapsarian frustration of spirit in being unable to quite divorce the self from the need for interpretation, the need for reading and proof.

I don't think I'm wrong in asserting the urgency or primacy of this semiotic engagement in the period, I would assume that the detective fiction genre is merely a happy coincidence and convenient catalyst for these impulses.

Maybe Waugh can convince me to convert to Catholicism :P.

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June 24, 2003


I've just sent my assessment e-mail to my course tutor so he can grade my website. Hoorah. Only 5 hours of assessment to go... Hopefully once he's had a look at it I can take off all the temporary links on the main page, and I can become bothered to polish off the other sections of the site.

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June 22, 2003

Site Plans

Hmm... thinking of putting up Klips for a number of my favorite sites, like Whedonesque.com, CDFreaks.com, Showtalkers.com, Opera Skins... (all soon to be found here: Links Basically all this things for which I'm using this klip, which you can use to read any rdf/php/rss/xml feed.

Including my brand spanking new site built with php-nuke. I'm trialing it on opera.fallingbeam.org, but if it pans out it could replace my existing home page (though I doubt it). Unless I'm running a news site, the content management stuff is just a bit extraneous to my needs. Something nice to pick up though.

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June 19, 2003


I've put up a little image page, with a couple pictures of Anna Paquin, just because I had them on my hard-disk, and I wanted to test out putting up images, and automating it through ThumbsPlus, which is okay, but probably not the best way of doing it. Suggestions would be welcome.

I won't update my navigation bar or anything until I make sure I want to put these things up. What it'll probably become is a collection of wallpapers that I've resized and rather like.

Unfortunately the pictures are arranged using tables, I'll have to find out how to do it using CSS, which I suppose is another reason why I'm not going live with it too prominently. Basically if your screen's too small the right column overlaps, and there's wasted space since the tables are a bit rigid. Well that and the fact that the images aren't mine and I've not acknowledged the sites I got them from.

Also it's not really meant to be an Anna Paquin picture page by any means... I'll have to update my links page with references to Anna Paquin, Katherine Heigl etc. pages...

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Surprise in the forums

Okay, in order to get people to register to my forums, I've got something special that can be viewed only by registered users. You can find more details here. Enjoy.

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June 18, 2003

CSS is good, and TOC's

Hoorah, I've managed to insert TOC's using Mozilla Composer, clever me. And they even update when things change, which is shiny.

And yes, the wonder of CSS struck me today as I managed to get rid of the grey background from the content and right columns. CSS rocks. Deal with it.

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Old blog still alive

I've added an archive of my old blog here. And will be adding links to it from this blog. There's a static link already in the About page. Just a precaution really in case the old site fucks up (which it shouldn't).

Note though that the blog is all on one page, so it might take a while to load (though it means you can search the entirety of that blog now), and it has no functional links on it that I know of - there's not need for the archive with everything on one page. If I'm ever that free I'll remove the banner, but to be honest it's just looks better with the banner there...

Now discover that there's actually a way to import posts from blogger - but which will entail me RTFM. Again. Well part of it anyway. We'll see.

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I must remember to change the Nav bar to reflect the name of this blog "Subtitles". Also add a section on Links to CSS sites.

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More Content, Looks Prettier

I've updated the site with most of the main pages, which are all accessable from the navigation bar. Most of the pages have some sort of content, though most of it is incomplete and some is outdated/wrong.

Regardless my use of CSS is in full swing, and the template I'm using is pretty nice. You will however, notice that it's a rip off of the template for this blog. When I figure out how to reformat (successfully) the style sheet for the blog, I'll apply the changes to the main site as well - but that's probably a ways into the future.

As and when I figure out how templates and styles work for the forum I'll see what can be done, but I doubt I'll bother unless it's really that easy. It'd be nice to have the decor all consistent, but I'd rather the site be reasonably complete an accurate before doing much of a revamp.

In the mean time, feel free to gawk and wonder at the massive skillz of Louis.

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June 17, 2003

Styles at last

Have finally managed to get styles to work and they have been applied to the main page. Utilitarian my ass - my ass - Peishan you hear?

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June 16, 2003

Reminder to Self

Must remember to open new subdomains for my resume and for operafanboy :D. Unfortunately my host seems to have fucked up already and I can't seem to access my Control Panel. The bastards. Let's see if their tech support is as good as they claim.

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Categories and Announcements

I've set up this blog, which is new, the old blog is still there, I'll decide what happens to it later.

There's now a forum, please do go there and sign the guest book or just hang out.

Things are pretty much still in flux, but the main things are up, the main page has links to the various sections (it will soon no longer have Site Updates, that will be taken over by this category) which are really the blog and the forum.

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