If you came here looking to download subtitles for TV and Movies, you're looking for this post. My Blog has moved here.

February 17, 2005

Louis' Blog has Moved (RSS too)

You can still get to my blog via blog.fallingbeam.org, though the actual URL is different, if you even know what that means you'd know how to find it out, but then, you don't need to. My RSS feed has changed to: http://newblog.fallingbeam.org/blog/index.rdf

You can get my new Klip here.

All the content on this site has been imported over to the new blog, so this site will slowly become more defunct. I even managed to import all my blogger.com entries, so everything I've written online in this format is now at the new place. How groovy.

Posted by Subtitles at February 17, 2005 06:51 PM

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